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Resellers follow SmartSense’s core competencies - easy-to-install hardware, scalable private sensor networks, and an easy-to-use remote monitoring platform - on the path to success. The SmartSense platform provides multiple connection methods, sensor types, and various add-ons and professional services to make any deployment successful. Tap a large resource pool of sales and on-boarding teams, engineering, and analytics teams to offer customers a trusted integrated remote monitoring solution.

Resellers also gain the edge of SmartSense’s program management team, backed by over 100 years of combined remote monitoring experience. Program management teams handle deployments from initial scoping to commercialization and rollout, and represent a dedicated team of experts that can execute in domestic and international domains alike. Initial scoping is typically handled by the core executive and business teams, whereas commercialization and rollout is handled by a tight-knit network of logistics, supply chain, and engineering teams.

Add Additional Revenue

SmartSense's unique approach to remote monitoring is driven by return-on-investment for customers, and this is something that is passed on to resellers. Resellers can add lucrative revenue streams to their portfolios by reselling SmartSense products, including:

  • High-margin hardware revenues
  • Recurring software-as-a-service revenues
  • Routine Maintenance services
  • Multi-site installations
  • New hardware, software, and customer-specific development

  • SmartSense offers competitive reseller discounts in large quantities, and may include dedicated company resources to assist with large installations. Resellers can also offer flexible payment methods in the form of outright purchase or annual lease to match the business objectives of customers, with various respective benefits for each method.


    Customer Benefits

    SmartSense's integrated remote monitoring solution helps customers achieve a range of business goals, strategic objectives and initiatives, and the adoption of an industry-standard remote monitoring platform. Resellers that serve regulated industries have an additional edge, as TempAlert provides solutions that are specifically designed to meet regulations set by the CDC, FDA, BOP, and many others. Other customer benefits include:

  • Remotely manage a private sensor network
  • Automate manual processes to improve operational efficiency
  • Meet compliance documentation requirements
  • Improve product quality
  • Discover equipment insights that enable informed purchasing and maintenance decisions
  • Minimize liability and risk
  • Provide the technical expertise to deploy an advanced sensor system

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