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  • The Burden of Serving Fresh, Healthy Food

    Chipotle Mexican Grill can’t catch a break. Following the October 2015 E. Coli outbreak which hit several states including: California, Washington, Pennsylvania, and New York, the situation escalated even further when one location in Massachusetts was named the source of a norovirus outbreak in December 2015 that reportedly sickened over ...

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  • How to Safely Prepare Your Thanksgiving Meal

    On Thanksgiving, 88% of Americans consume turkey — 46 million of them, according to a Clear Food reportWith so much poultry being consumed, it's imperative to exercise caution to ensure you avoid any food safety issues. Check out the graphic below for tips from the CDC on how ...

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  • “Big Brother” Aided By Consumer Food Safety “Inspectors” App

    Thousands of customers may be armed as inspectors with new smartphone tool

    FSMA, the US Food Safety Modernization Act, has occupied food industry professional thinking for many months, if not years. With the FDA’s final release, regulators have been provided new, updated, and innovative tools to help ensure food safety ...

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  • FSMA May Not Be Known By Consumers By Name, Rather By Expectations

    With final rule release, the media has officially put food producers and providers on notice

    My daily Google News feed caught my eye with the recent CBS News headline, “New food safety rules issued in wake of deadly outbreaks.” And the piece begins, “Food manufacturers must be more vigilant about keeping ...

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  • Survival Guide: Food Service Power Outages in Restaurants

    Restaurants are fast paced and hectic on a normal day, but add a power outage into the mix and it can cause a lot of problems. It can be a challenge to keep up with the practices of food safety while in the middle of a power outage due to ...

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  • Survival Guide: Power Outages and Cafeteria Food Service

    Power outages in school cafeterias are without a doubt hectic. Without working stoves and ovens, the ability to feed students what they are expecting, and what was being expected to be made becomes a problem. There are solutions to these issues by utilizing both proactive and reactive methods. 


    Following ...

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  • Starting with the Basics in Pharmacy Temperature Monitoring

    From the time they walk in the door, consumers and regulators are taking (mental) notes.

    I walked into my pharmacy the other day to pick up a prescription. This is a national chain I’ve been with for the past decade and has served me well through several moves. I like ...

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  • Keeping Up with the 7 Principles of HACCP

    The 7 principles of HACCP are a series of guidelines that follow the rules and regulations set forth by the U.S. FDA. These are typically associated with the implementation of HACCP programs. The main priority of these guides in food service organization is the safety and protocol to keep food, ...

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  • Food Safety: 50 Shades of Environmental Monitoring

    It is what it is and it ain’t what it ain’t, or is it?

    Environmental Monitoring has been making headlines in food safety publications lately. Just recently the website published a piece titled Environmental Monitoring Programs and the Cost of Failure (Link to Source). Focused around a ...

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  • Roll Up Your Sleeves - Time to Tackle that Walk-In

    Wrapping up our Walk-In and Commercial refrigerator preventive maintenance series.

    We’ve looked at walk-in and commercial refrigerator operation, theory, major components, preventive maintenance options, and a host of other issues including the dreaded home refrigerator cleaning. So what’s a manager to do? Time to make a plan.

    What’s needed in ...

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