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  • How FSMA Impacts Supply Chain Management

    Do you know where your food has been before you ate it? No? You’re not alone. For many consumers, the questions of where their food originated from (and the travel route it took), was processed, or was handled, is not a consideration. There is a faction of consumers that will ...

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  • Shipping Containers: A Monitoring Solution For Your Problems

    Shipping Containers: A Vacation from Solution to Your Problems


    Over the past four weeks we’ve taken a look at the commercial components and critical challenges that the shipping industry faces, specifically the movement of containers in and out of ports around the world. While some companies, freight forwarders and ...

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  • Shipping Containers: Lost But Rarely Found, Never Mind Monitored

    With an industry as commercially strong and as geographically expansive as shipping—especially where it concerns the transport of containers by sea—operational mishaps and security breaches are quite difficult to prevent and perhaps impossible to eliminate, but some of the trade’s truths and recent developments are almost too incredible to believe....
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  • Contained: The Federal Regulations Of Importation

    When importing goods to the U.S., a firm must be sure that the contents of their inbound containers conform to the articles present within the Code of Federal Regulations’ Customs Duties section. In addition, freight forwarders must be thorough in their container tracking, clearing and collection processes as wares arrive ...
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  • Freight Forwarders: By Sea, Air And Land

    Businesses looking to export or import goods have a multitude of logistics to consider and undertake. Having worked in the area of international supply chain management for an action-sports apparel and accessories company, I can say that monitoring such a vital and susceptible activity involves lengthy spreadsheets, numerous e-mails, ...

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  • Importing And Exporting: A Container Conundrum

    Whether you believe it to be detrimental or beneficial, globalization continues to alter literal and figurative landscapes the world over; and many inherent characteristics of this sweeping transformation are readily apparent in everyday commerce. Though these activities have dramatically increased in frequency over the past thirty years, businesses often remark ...

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  • Dogs In Your Vehicle: Temperature Monitoring From RVs To Police K9 Units

    Dogs in Your Vehicle: Temperature Monitoring From RVs to Police K9 Units


    Temperature monitoring and control of stored food and server equipment is crucial for a number of reasons, but failing to monitor temperatures for dogs in RVs, police cruisers (K9 Units) and other civilian vehicles can ultimately lead ...

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