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Cost-Effective Water Pond And Tank Level Solar Powered Cellular Monitoring System Shows Good Results

Nov 01, 2000

Summer and Fall of 2011have been seasons of drought and flood. Some areas of the Southwest U.S. experienced record lack of rainfall and widespread wild fires. Other countries are experiencing record flood conditions. Changes like these make farmers lives harder as both require additional diligence to manage.

Small farmers now have a low cost, fault tolerant tool to help them keep tabs on such conditions. Irrigation Automation Systems, a Temperature@lert agricultural partner has successfully installed our latest offering, a water level sensor for use in irrigation ponds and water tanks.

The cost effective device is another member of the family of Temperature@lert plug-n-play smart sensors. Used in conjunction with the company's Solar Powered Outdoor Rated Cellular Environmental Monitoring System, the water level sensor can alert farmers when their tank or pond water levels drop below alert levels they set. The cloud based control and reporting system insures problems will be called out while there is still time to manage them.

To read more about the water level sensor and the outdoor rated cellular environmental monitor, see the full press release at Click Here for Full Press Release

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