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How To Master Disaster

Aug 22, 2008

Your title may be “systems administrator,” but you know the truth: You’re the first line of defense against IT catastrophe. Just ask Ronald J. Bilak, of Prinkpack, Inc. When his office A/C melted down and the indoor temperature rose to the mid-80s, he knew he was playing with fire.

“I work in a 24-hour-a-day, seven-day-a-week manufacturing plant. As the lone IT person in the plant, I am obviously not always there,” says Bilak, whose network equipment is housed in a locked office and vulnerable to unanticipated heat fluctuations. Fortunately, Bilak is a man with a plan. “My plant manager asked for a solution to this problem. I researched the Internet and found your product. I have since plugged it into my USB port on my computer in the office and set notifications to the maintenance section, where I am assured that if the heat gets above my set temp of 82°F, they will be notified to check my office.”

That’s one small victory for Temperature@lert and a tremendous relief to Bilak, whose hard work and research paid off. “In IT we focus on disaster recovery,” he says. “With this tool we can focus on disaster prevention.  I have since notified my supervisor of the product and we have 15 similar plants that may have a need for something that is quick, easy and gives a piece of mind on possible overheating problems when you are not there.”

Three cheers to Bilak for turning to Temperature@lert for avoiding IT disaster!

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