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What Does Nike Have To Do With Our Next Product Launch?

Sep 05, 2008

Aside from making it comfortable to walk to and from the coffee machine, not a whole lot. However, there's something to be said for just doing it.

When we sat down to design the next Temperature@lert product, we did two things: 1. We cut the wire (yes, it's WiFi based). And 2. We focused on the core purpose of our company: To monitor temperature and alert you in the event of an issue. What we ended up with was a plan for the simplest version possible of our next product. This allowed us to build it in a matter of weeks, not months. After another few weeks in the hands of some very demanding beta testers, we've refined this simple-to-use, reliable, solid WiFi temperature-monitoring product into something worthy of protecting your stuff.

Nothing is truly finished until it is released. So, here it is! Temperature@lert WiFi Edition automatically connects to your WiFi network and emails you if the temperature swings too high or too low. It works with any operating system that has a web browser!

Temperature@lert Wifi Device

And take a sneak peek at the new web based interface:

Temperature@lert Web Based Interface Screenshot

We'll be shipping this new device on October 31st, 2008. The full specs are available here.

-Harry Schechter
Founder, Temperature@lert

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