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Temperature@lert Keeps Your Computers Safe

Jan 08, 2009

“Hot enough, fer ya?”

We like to joke that talk about the weather is boring or just idle chit chat, but we all know just how important it is to know what is going on in the atmosphere around us.

And we all have worked in or lived in a place where the heating and cooling system is simply not even enough to make this pleasant for everyone. We make do by wearing t-shirts or wearing an extra sweater and things seem fine.

However there are times when knowing exactly what the temperature is may be critical. And in those instances you do not want to rely solely on your own "guesstimation." When it comes to your computer systems and your data, you do not want to play around.This is where TEMPERATURE@LERT can be a welcome asset.

TEMPERATURE@LERT keeps up with ambient temperature and will send you an e-mail alert if the temperature goes above of below what you consider to be an acceptable range.

All you need to do is connect TEMP to your computer through a USB port. The device will never require batteries of AC power to operate.

This is key because a battery could run out just as you need an alert.

An overheated person can slip off a sweater, get some water to drink or find a fan. However, your computer can do none of these things.  Once the damage from overheating had begun, computers, great machines that they are, can do very little to stop the damage. And if you are not sitting right by your computer or in the room with the servers, you may not even think to go check on these machines. If the air conditioning seems to be working fine, you may forget. If the air conditioning is not running very well, you may still not remember to get to the computer.

The same applies for when the temperatures drop—it may not occur to you that your computers are in danger.

But with TEMPERATURE@LERT, you will get notice once the ambient temperature for your computer system is out of range so that you can address the issue quickly, before its to late and before there is irreversible damage to your computer, its files and your data.

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