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Temperature@lert WiFi Edition

Jan 13, 2009

While sitting in a room, it is easy to assume that the temperature in that room is temperate. It may be alright for you, but how is the temperature affecting computers and other equipment in the room? Some companies keep temperatures low in the room with their server, but it might dip too low before the IT Staff can prevent damage. This is where Temperatur@lert comes in as a very handy tool. It will let you know instantly if there is a change in the ambient room temperature that may be harmful to important items.

In addition to the Temperature@lert Standard sensor that that comes with a USB connection so that you can plug it directly into your computer, there is also a Temperature@lert WiFi Edition.

The Temperature@lert WiFi Edition also monitors a room's ambient air temperature and will send you an e-mail when this temperature goes outside of the standard range that you have set. You get to decide what you think is an acceptable temperature range as you set up the device. Temperature@lert WiFi connects to your network and uses an AC adapter for power, best of all, no computer is required.

If you are anything like me, and every USB port on your computer is in use, Temperature Alert's WiFi product is perfect for you. With no USB ports to spare, I can still get the information I need about the ambient temperature of my home office without having to remember to take out one device and plug in Temperature@lert.

The Temperature @lert WiFi Edition is a stand-alone product. You do not need to leave a computer running for it to operate. You will receive temperature alerts in real-time. Additionally, the software logs temperature readings, recording them as text and XML files. The real-time temperature graph will let you see if there is a pattern or a certain time of day when the temperature gets dangerously close to, exceeds, or falls below the limits that you have set.

If you travel for work and want to get temperature readings from a location other than your home or regular office, take the Temperature@lert WiFi with you. It is flexible and can give temperature reading in either degrees Celsius or degrees Fahrenheit.

Configuring the Temperature@lert Wifi Edition is not complicated. All you need to do is enter your SMTP server and then hit the "Save" button. After that, the Temperature@lert Wifi Edition will connect automatically to any open 802.11b/g wireless network that is in range.

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