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Temperature@lert: There When You Need It

Jan 20, 2009

Temperature@lert is there for you when you need it and there when you can't be there. Does that sound like an exaggeration or an overstated guarantee? We can assure you that it is not. Temperature@lert is working whether you are in the office or not. It works whether you are awake or asleep. Temperature@lert continuously monitors ambient temperature, compiles the information about the temperature of the air surrounding your computer, and it will alert you if the temperature veers away from the range that you have set as acceptable.

That really is a lot of work for one little device to do, and yet Temperature@lert is a powerful little dynamo.

We understand that you may be skeptical. Don't just take our word that Temperature@lert is a great, must-have product. Just consider some of our customers: E-TRADe, Boeing, AAA, IBM and Sirius Satellite Radio. These firms all use Temperature@lert.

Last spring, PC Magazine lauded Temperature@lert for being "tres-cool." The writer at PC Magazine did not hear about us because we took him to lunch or sent him e-mails begging him to talk about our product. No, he heard about Temperature@lert the old-fashioned way, through word of mouth, and thought he would tell his readers about us.

As the writer from PC Magazine noted, some pieces of IT equipment already have temperature sensors built into them. However, this does not mean that these sensors can prevent your servers from crashing should the ambient temperature in your data closet become too extreme.

As one happy customer, Bill Nelson from Miami, Florida, told us,

"I really like your product, it saved my server room last week. The fancy building/security systems didn't kick in until 15 minutes after your alert. I was already on my way to fix the problem before our security department even knew there was one."

Of course, you and we, would like it if you never had to experience any problems or stressful moments with your computer equipment, but we know that this is simply not possible. You are not in control of the temperature. But you can put measures like Temperature@lert in place to make certain that falling or rising temperatures do not get the best of your computers and equipment.  As Leslie Dawson of Chicago, Illinois told us, "I sleep easier on weekends now with Temperature@lert." When you buy Temperature@lert you will be able to rest easier too.

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