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Temperature@lert WiFi Edition's Embedded Linux OS Easily Customized

Sep 11, 2009

Holly Dolezalek of Processor Magazine ( recently highlighted the fact that the Temperature@lert WiFi Edition wireless temperature monitor runs Linux which means this low-cost, high-performance device can easily be customized to fit your exact needs:

The company’s most recent release is the WiFi Edition of its monitoring product. Temperature@lert WiFi Edition is different from other, similar wireless-based temperature monitoring products in that it’s based on open-source software. “It’s essentially a mini-computer that runs Linux,” Schechter says.

It’s also a Wi-Fi client that monitors air temperature (between -40 and 200 degrees Fahrenheit) and sends emails to designated recipients if the temperature rises above or sinks below designated setpoints. It does so through a 6-foot external sensor that can connect wirelessly or through an Ethernet cable to the network. The device resembles a wireless router and measures 1 x 2.75 x 3.75 inches in size. The wireless edition connects automatically to any network in range.

Out of the box without customization, the WiFi Edition will email designated users every day with a summary of the indoor weather in the data center, including the high, low, and average temperature for the day. It also has XML and text log file feeds and a zooming feature so that when looking at a whole-day graph—which usually looks like a flat line—users can zoom in on any blips in the temperature to investigate those events easily.

Visit to read the full article. Or, check out the details of the Temperature@lert WiFi unit.

Have you customized the WiFi unit for your own needs? Let us know and you could win a free t-shirt!

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