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New For 2009: Temperature@lert Cellular Edition

Oct 20, 2009

BOSTON--(BUSINESS WIRE)--Temperature@lert, a leading provider of low cost, high-performance temperature monitoring solutions, has announced a product enhancement on its popular temperature monitoring system. The new Temperature@lert Cellular Edition monitors the ambient air temperature and sends emails, text messages and telephone alerts the moment the temperature rises or falls outside of acceptable range. Temperature@lert Cellular Edition is easy to set up: simply plug it into power and it immediately begins transmitting temperature readings over cellular phone networks to the Temperature@lert 24/7 monitoring system and dashboard website. No Internet or phone line is needed.

Temperature@lert Cellular Edition helps doctors maintain the temperature for life-saving medicines and helps restaurateurs maintain proper food storage temperatures. Use Temperature@lert to monitor your server room so expensive equipment doesn't melt down. A new Temperature@lert iPhone app allows you to see the current temperature of all of your Cellular Edition units instantly, anywhere, anytime.

This is what makes Temperature@lert Cellular Edition the solution that you should select for your temperature monitoring:

  • The temperature sensor is accurate to within ±0.5°C and can report temperatures from 55°C to +125°C (-67°F to +257°F).
  • View temperature history and current conditions from any computer on the Internet.
  • Temperature monitoring continues even if the power goes out for weeks.
  • You pay only $399 per unit.
  • All-inclusive wireless monitoring plans start at $15 a month and you do not have to sign any contracts or long-term commitments.

For high-res graphics, please email Temperature@lert also produces WiFi and USB editions.

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