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How Your Holiday Vacation Affects IT Equipment

Dec 07, 2009

Most likely you are traveling this holiday season, either for Christmas or New Years. Your co-workers and friends are also likely to take a little time away from the office to spend with family and friends. With almost everyone away (from the office) for the holiday, there is really nothing that prevents your company's IT equipment, or worse yet, your company's inventory, from becoming damaged due to changes in temperature.

While away from the office, it may seem like you have no control over the health of your IT system or inventory.  This just isn't the case anymore. IT professionals have been using our device for over 3 years now and have received a multitude of alerts (email, SMS, phone) during the holiday season. These alerts have allowed our customers to make a quick phone call to quickly determine the problem and fix it before any serious damage occurs. While yes, it is still inconvenient to call building maintenance to turn on/off the HVAC system during the holiday season, that call may save the entire company days of work replicating data or replacing damaged hardware (and may end up getting you that company bonus for saving the day). 

Let's keep these holidays merry by protecting our assets while on vacation.

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