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On The 11th Day Of Christmas, My Tech Guy Gave To Me! (Top 5 Tips)

Dec 14, 2009

In the spirit of the holidays, we felt it positively necessary to indulge in a little office spirit through spreading holiday cheer (and tips) to those still looking for affordable methods to protect their valuable assets while away on the holidays.   For the 11th day of Christmas, we get to talk about probes and sensors! [Exciting Stuff!! - editor].  So, let's get to it!


5) No matter the device, make sure that your device is affixed to something. The slightest movement (even a centimeter difference) can trigger vastly different temperatures. Below is a picture submitted by one of our clients on how and where they are using Temperature@lert's USB Device.

Their USB device is well placed, right in the center of their server room hot spot AND is affixed to their rack.

4) If you are placing your probe in some aqueous solution, be sure to understand the temperature properties of that solution.  While it's obvious that varying solutions have different freezing and/or boiling points, it is not always clear how quickly (or slowly) a change in ambient temperature will affect the solution.  If anyone knows of a handy table or website that compares various solutions, shoot us an email so we can share with everyone!

3) Temperature of sensitive assets such as IT infrastructure or inventory (i.e., Wine, Pharmaceuticals, etc) need to be closely monitored.  What I find best for liquid inventories is to create a vial with a portion of your product (or preliminary version of your product) and placing the probe in that.  This simulates a very close approximation to monitoring the temperature of your inventory. 

For IT, the hardest part of monitoring the temperature of your equipment is finding the room's hotspot.  The best method that we have found so far is to move your temperature monitoring device every 2 days and compare each sample set to each other to find the hottest part of the room.  That way, you can determine the exact placement of your probe.

2) Make sure that whatever device you use to monitor the temperature, it will alert you using some form of communication.  The holiday season entails lots of travel and practically everyone is out of the office for an average of 3 - 5 days.  If something were to happen unexpectedly like an A/C malfunction or a Power Surge, your device needs to record the event and tell you immediately so you can tell your boss or your building's maintenance crew to assess and fix the problem.

1) The most important tip for the 11th day of Christmas is, Don't Worry!  We understand that your IT infrastructure is worth $1,000 to $1,000,000 or your inventory is of equivalent value.  The holiday season is a time for memories and a time to get away from work without having to worry incessantly about the temperature of your infrastructure/inventory.  Your installed device will do all the legwork for you (and you can probably connect remotely to check the device's activity).  Just have fun this holiday season and remember that your monitoring device is working perfectly. 

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