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Customer Interview #2: Eye Mall Media

Dec 16, 2009

Eye Mall Media in Austin, TX specializes in Advertising displays in shopping malls.  They have backlit poster and LCD displays in over 250 malls. 

Eye Mall Media is using our USB Device to track and measure the temperature of their server system.  They had some problems with efficiency and system shut down prior to monitoring the temperature of their infrastructure.

We had the distinct pleasure of talking with Scott Hoopman, Business Systems Analyst for Eye Mall Media.  He was extremely helpful and understanding about our questions. Our focus for this interview was mainly about Eye Mall Media, what they do, and how our device has helped them achieve their goals.  Below is the video:

I will post the discussion transcript in the comments section later today.


T@: What is your name, and company you work for?

Scott: My name is Scott Hoopman.  I am the business system analyst for Eye Mall Media.

T@: What does Eye Mall Media Specialize in?

Scott: We specialize in advertising for malls. We erect the actual advertising structures, maintain them, and sell the advertising space.  We have thousands of panels in over 250 malls over the country.  That involves backlit posters and LCD displays.

T@: What prompted you to purchase our device and which device did you purchase?

Scott: The prompt was that we have a server room in Austin, which is our center for operations. We have offices in New York, LA, and other regional offices. Our server room had problems with our AC unit. We had a new system that worked well most of the time but some times the device would not operate.  A few times the unit shut down and we had no idea until the system shut down and email went down or an application was not available.  Often we would check out the server room in this scenario and hot air would come out of the server room.  We were looking for a way to be proactive and get on the front end before our servers shutdown.

T@: Has our device given you an alert and what was your response?

Scott: Your device has definitely helped us. We have had situations were we have had alerts and discovered that our AC is not operating efficiently.  I made a phone call before it got critical and the AC maintenance people came prior to an impending issue.

T@: What was your worry level pre and post purchase of our device?

Scott: In the beginning, our worry was around 7 or 8. We saw it as a variable we could not control.  We did not have the knowledge of watching the AC day in and day out.  With your device, we feel pretty comfortable and pretty confidant.  We now receive alerts on Saturdays sometimes and can fix the problem with a quick phone call.  Now that we have your device, our worry has dropped to around a 2 or 3.

T@: How did you hear about T@ and why did you purchase from us?

Scott: We found you via Google.  We were looking for a device that would have alerting capability.  Having email alerts sent out to multiple email addresses plus the price point really got us. Your customer support was immediate and helped me resolve my issues.  I am pleased with the device and would recommend the device to any company that has similar concerns with server room temperature problems.

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