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Oh My Server, How I Have Missed Thee!

Jan 04, 2010

Happy New Year everybody!

I hope everyone enjoyed this holiday season. While this set of holidays comes to a close, it is time to start working feverishly to avoid the holiday haze. In addition, it is time to begin working on our New Year's resolutions. 

Do any of your resolutions involve your personal or work server? If you are an IT person, the server should definitely be in your top 10 priorities for 2010.  One of the most important things you can do to lower costs for yourself or company is to perform basic maintenance on your server. There are 2 types of basic maintenance: 1) Software and 2) Physical. While ensuring that all service packs, upgrades, and server health monitoring packages are running, it is also of utmost importance to insure that the environment surrounding the server maintains cleanliness. Without cleanliness, dirt and other particulate matter can lead to various hardware failures.  

The best way to combat dirt is to create a maintenance schedule (weekly, monthly, etc). The frequency of the schedule should be determine by the amount of foot traffic going in and out of your server room.  As people enter and leave the server, much particulate matter (such as dirt and dust) can be left from shoes, hair, etc.  Here is a basic list of items that should be checked in the server room:

  1. Check to make sure that the floor is clean and swept.
  2. Check all server fans to insure that no dirt or dust is blocking the flow of hot air.
  3. Check the internal temperature of the server and the external temperature of the room.
  4. Check the ceiling for any signs of mold or cracks (just to make sure no burst pipes or water will enter the server room).

That is a basic list of the 4 most important things to check while maintaining your server. The physical health of your server will 100% extend its life and is well-worth the 20-30 minutes a week (or month) you spend performing these tasks. 

If you think I may have missed some glaring physical maintenance task that should be on the list, post a comment :-D.

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