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Our Newest Cellular Device, TM-CELL200, Has Some Customer Inspired Features

Feb 09, 2010

Good morning everybody!  

I hope now that we are two days removed from the Super Bowl that everyone has lost their sluggishness and are back on the road to productivity! :-)

Here at Temperature@lert, we just recently released our TM-CELL200 device! I won't go into too much into detail about how it is different than TM-CELL100 or why you would even want to purchase a TM-CELL200 but hopefully this post will answer your questions and provide insight as to why we have added these new features.

Lockable Temperature Sensor Probes

There has been many a email, phone call, or conversation that always ends with "my probe somehow fell out of the jack". We have recognized this problem and have found a solution that will hopefully prevent various actions (such as tripping, dragging, or throwing) from disconnecting the sensor from the device.

Signal Strength Indicator

No matter what network you are on, our device will tell you exactly what the signal strength is for any location. Simply press the power button for three seconds and let the lights on the device tell you what exactly is going on at a specific location. The more lights shown the greater the cellular signal in that location. 

Many more features!

Instead of me typing and typing, I will just let you watch the video that shows the newest features of the device. Hope you enjoy it!


Hi, I am Harry Schechter with Temperature@lert and I am here to demonstrate some of the new features of our new cellular edition device. Temperature@lert cellular device sends temperature from this probe to our temperature monitoring system on the Internet. If the temperature goes too high or too low, you will receive an email, a phone call, or a text message.
Temperature@lert cellular edition has several different modes. To begin, all you have to do to turn the device on is plug it in. The device has a special mode that will show you exactly where to place the device based on signal strength. To activate this mode, hold the power button for three seconds and release it. You will see the status lights blink. This mode can be used to show you where best to place your device. As you can see, it takes a few moments to show you the signal strength. Since we have three lights shown, we have a signal strength of 75%.
The cellular device requires very low signal to operate. Combine that with our high gain antenna and the device will work where most cell phones wont. That is because cell phones have very small antennas. To exit the mode, you can press the power button or let the device turn itself off in 10 mintes.
Let's take a closer look at the device itself. The small form factor allows it to fit anywhere. The antenna can be swiveled which allows you to put it on tables, walls, etc. Look at the two locking jacks. These locking jacks accept our digital temperature sensors. At the moment we have two locking jacks, but only allow for temperature to be monitored. The power allows you to plug the device in to wall power. When it is not plugged in to wall power, the rechargable batter can last as long as two weeks.
Thanks for watching!

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