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Over The Weekend, Temperature@lert Launched Their New Website Design!

Feb 22, 2010

Hello everybody! I hope you had a great weekend. I know Temperature@lert had a wonderful weekend!

This past weekend, we released our new website. While the design and the information may look the same, there are some subtle changes that may take some getting used to. We have added navigational links at the top of the page so as to help you find any and all the information you may be trying to find. Our goal with this new website was to allow our customers to navigate through our products easily, as well as look for any information they desire. While it will take some time to better understand if we met these goals, so far it looks promising. Below is a video that shows how to navigate through the new website as well as some of the new additions to the website.


Hello everybody. My name is Patrick Hereford and I am here to show you our new and improved Temperature@lert website. For the past three months, we have been working hard and diligently to come up with a new website that will provide our customers with more information as well as easier navigation to find our products. Here is our new design. While it is very similar to our old design, we have a few subtle changes that will make the browsing experience more enjoyable. First you see our USB and cellular tabs. They didn't change much like our Buy Now and Learn More buttons. The USB button on installation under a minute video is still the same. Everything on the front page is the same except the top six links. These top six links will help you navigate through all the new information on our website. Let's see what the Products Link does.

The products link takes us a to a product summary page of each of our products (WiFi, USB, Cellular). On the top we have temperature@lert resource links that will compare features of our hardware, our request a quote feature for 10+ devices, and to request literature about our devices. Each of these links will take you to more information about our devices as well as will the left navigational bar. Let's see what the USB device looks like. Here we have more information regarding our USB device. We have case studies which include customer testimonials about how they are using our device. We have introduction videos about our USB device as well as Product Manual, Product Brochure, Request a Quote for 10+ device purchases, and the product comparison. Let's go to the Product Comparison page to take a look.

Here you see our USB, WiFi, and Cellular Devices with all the features on the left and checkmarks on the right. The table below that shows all of the features common to all our three devices.

Going back to our USB Products page, underneath our Add to Cart button we have another set of mavigation buttons. These include Screenshots, Specifications, Customer Reviews, Accesories, and Support. This template is the same throughout all of our devices. Let's look at the case study link.

We were able to break down the use of our product into several use categories based on customer interviews. We have broken it down into IT/Server rooms. Biological/Medical Lab and Pharmaceuticals, Food Service, Energy Management, Industrial, and Property Management. Each of these talks about a customer that uses our device for a specific problem they had. They range from monitoring temperatures of freezers and refridgerators to the amount of heat lost through windows. Now let's go to our support page.

Clicking on this link will open up our old support page. While we are currently working on integrating the support system to our new website, we thought it was best to move one step at a time. It is next on our list of things to do.

The news tab is our blog. We are performing blog posts on a more daily basis and posting our YouTube videos on our blog. We are hoping that by doing this will allow people to find our resourceful videos easier.

Next is our resources tab. We have our product literation which revolves around our product literature, our youtube videos and customer interview videos from Integra Clinical in San Antonio, Texas and Eye Mall Media from Austin, Texas.

Our company link will describe us as a company. It will answer the common questions of Who, What, Where, When, and Why. Generally some customers will call us and ask us about questions about our company. We are hoping that this link will answer your questions. We have a press room page, a jobs page, a contact us page, a subscription page to our monthly newsletter, and most importantly a culture page. This page talks about each employees attitude and their approach to creating the software and devices. The last link on the company page is our resellers and affiliates page.

Lastly is the shopping cart. There are many ways to get to the shopping cart page. You can click on any of the Add to Cart buttons to get to the shopping cart from the products page or the Product Summary Page or by clicking on the Shopping Cart link on the upper right corner.

If you have any questions or comments, please contact us at Thank you for your time.

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