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Get Certified! NIST Traceable Temperature Probes Now Available From Temperature@lert

Apr 22, 2010
Need traceability certification? Temperature@lert now offers NIST certified temperature probes for our USB, WiFi and Cellular Edition product lines. Now customers subject to regulatory compliance requirements, internal quality control procedures or just wanting an extra level of assurance can specify our NIST Certification option for their temperature probes. View an example certificate included with one of our NIST Traceable certified temperature sensors.

To order your devices with a NIST Certified temperature probe, call us at +1 866 522 3540 or e-mail us at  

Get Certified with Temperature@lert today. 

Hi, I'm Harry Schechter with Temperature Alert.
When regulations and other policies call for it, you can specify that your Temperature Alert probe be NIST Traceable.
Having your temperature sensors NIST certified means they've been thoroughly tested against a standard reference material according to the National Institute of Standards and Technology.
This provides additional assurance that your Temperature Alert temperature sensor provides accurate temperature readings to within one half of one degree Celsius.
Here is an example of what one of these certificates looks like.
You'll that the certificate includes several temperature test points, and also specifies the serial number of the probe.
NIST traceable certification is currently available on Temperature Alert USB Edition, Temperature Alert Wifi Edition, and Temperature Alert Cellular Edition.
Please call or email us for further information on how to obtain NIST traceable pre-certification of your Temperature Alert sensors.

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