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Temperature@lert Announces The Release Of Its Latest Generation WiFi Temperature Sensor

Aug 24, 2010

Announcing the latest generation of our WiFi Edition remote temperature sensor, the WiFi220 (  The WiFi220 incorporates the exceptional features of the previous generation device and in addition provides customers with capabilities and benefits to make itthe most user-friendly, cost-effective WiFi temperature sensor on the market today. These include:

  • Two Sensor Input Capability – Significantly reduces Cost/Sensor (Measurement Point)
  • Expandable to 10 or 20 Sensors with Special Order Expansion Module
  • Temperature/Humidity Sensor Option – Adds Relative Humidity monitoring for critical applications such as Servers and Telecom Racks, Clean Rooms and Laboratories
  • Predrilled Mounting Flange – Facilitates permanent mounting of the unit
  • Power over Ethernet (PoE) support – Enables operation without AC power adapter
  • Enhanced Software – Easy to set up, use and update

The new WiFi220 continues the success of the previous generation with features including:

  • Continuous monitoring  and Email alerts when temperature or humidity goes above or below user specified levels
  • No activation fees, monthly fees or cancellation charges – you own the unit!
  • WiFi and Ethernet connectivity – operates so long as your network is available
  • Security – no software to load onto your computers or servers
  • Supports SNMP Traps
  • Supports SMTP via SSL/TLS and SMTP Authentication 
  • Pre-calibrated Sensors – NIST Certification available (additional cost)
  • User programmable open source Linux operating system for custom reporting, alarms, etc.

"Thousands of customers are successfully using Temperature@lert’s WiFi systems today, " says Harry Schechter, Temperature@lert Founder and CEO.  "With the expanded capability of the new WiFi220, Temperature@lert offers IT, Property Management, Food Service, Laboratory and Industry users the ability to protect their valuable equipment, data, products, property and materials from harmful temperature and/or humidity levels at a very affordable price."

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