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Yahoo News Notes Low-Cost Temperature And Humidity Sensor Announcement

Sep 13, 2010

Our latest announcement of the WiFi220 with both Temperature and Humidity sensing made headlines at Yahoo News. Featured in the site's Business Section, the newly released WiFi220 design supports one or two sensor cables. And thanks to the latest miniaturized humidity sensor technology, the humidity sensor is combined with the temperature sensor in one cable, meaning one WiFi220 can support two temperature and two humidity readings in the same unit -- four measurements for the price of one base device, plus sensors. The full link can be found at 

click here for full link.
And look for our upcoming announcement of our browser based WiFi Edition interface called Dashboard. The low-cost subscription service will allow users to set multiple temperature and/or humidity alert levels to help support an escalation plan, and will provide the ability to send multiple email and text messages to multiple addresses and numbers for each alert level. History logs will be stored on our Secure Servers for easy retrieval.

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