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AT&T Agrees To Buy T-Mobile For $39B

Mar 21, 2011

Woo-hoo! AT&T agrees to buy T-Mobile for $39B.

While it will take years for all of the pieces to be in place for the two companies to become one, they must first clear several regulatory hurdles. There's a small note in the story we found particularly interesting:


"In the event of the deal failing to receive regulatory approval, AT&T will be on the hook for $3 billion to T-Mobile -- a breakup fee, they call it -- along with transferring over some AWS spectrum it doesn't need for its LTE rollout, and granting T-Mobile a roaming agreement at a value agreeable to both parties."



Our cellular edition wireless temperature monitor operates on either carrier, but we charge a premium for AT&T service (primarily because it costs us much more to operate on AT&T than T-Mobile). The AT&T service is especially helpful in rural areas where T-Mobile coverage and roaming agreements fall short in providing coverage.

The good news is that either way, if you use AT&T or T-Mobile for wireless temperature monitoring, your coverate is about to get a whole lot better.


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