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Temperature@lert featured In Processor Data Center Monitoring Article

May 09, 2011

Processor Magazine's May 6, 2011 edition quotes our Dave Ruede in their article titled "Take Control of Your Data Center Environment".  The article provides insight from Temperature@lert and other leading environmental monitoring companies regarding factors often weighed when considering environmental monitoring options for Data Centers as well as Server and Telecommunication Rooms.  

Three key points are highlighted in making a decision about what and how much to monitor.

1. Basic types of monitoring equipment connectivity are USB, WiFi and Cellular (Wireless).

2. Consider redundant strategies for communication and power back-up.

3. Assess business and organizational needs to avoid purchasing numerous unused features.

We often hear these and other factors when our dedicated customers discuss the products they've selected and how well matched they are for their monitoring needs, organizational structure and tight budgets.

To read the entire article, click on the following link:   Click here for full Processor article

And for information about Temperature@lert's USB, WiFi and Cellular Edition as well as our Sensor Cloud browser based user interface, go to our newly redesigned website at

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