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Harry Schechter, CEO Of Temperature@lert, On Presenting at GLOBALCON

Mar 16, 2012

Last week, Harry Schechter spoke at GLOBALCON on March 7th, 2012 in Atlantic City on "Fault Tolerant Environmental Monitoring Systems Employing WiFi and Cellular Technology in Combination with Cloud Based Logging and Alert Services". This conference's focus was on those involved in the energy field in regards to new technology and strategies.

From WiFi devices to Cellular devices, Harry explained how it was important to baseline your device for efficient monitoring. After all, one should understand the environment they're monitoring because each room has their own micro-climate. There's a typical behavior pattern that occurs within each of these micro-climates and by baselining one can determine the proper range for their monitoring purposes.

By integrating your Temperature@lert device with Sensor Cloud, this opens up a door to even more possibilities with monitoring. Sensor Cloud allows the user to be able to monitor remotely. There is also a display map that shows current conditions for all your various devices in varied locations. This is especially useful for those who monitor all over the country. Not to mention the apps for Android and iPhone are available for free download and allows you to monitor from your smart phone.

Temperature@lert provides cost effective, remote temperature sensing. This is all possible with digital sensors combined with WiFi and Cellular data communication. These systems are dependent on robust power and communication infrastructure. Cloud based data logging and alerting algorithms provide bring fault tolerant security to small and mid sized businesses and individual homeowners.

Harry thoroughly enjoyed speaking at GLOBALCON and looks forward to spreading the message on the importance of environmental monitoring. If you would like to learn more about this subject, including case studies, please check out our e-book:

For more information on the topics presented at the conference:

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