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WIFI Version 6.2 Has Been Released!

Mar 23, 2012

Still on TM-WIFI220 FlashKit V6.04? It's time for an update then! We just recently released TM-WIFI220 FlashKit V6.2. Here's the changes we have added to this version:

(1) Corrected bug with blank alarm settings page when using the device with an Ethernet based internet connection.

(2) Transition settings storage/retrieval from XML to UCI.

(3) Added support for flood sensor.

(4) Greatly increased web interface speed / response time.

(5) Internet connection detection in status.rb page has been changed to asynch load so as not to cause entire page to hang when there is not internet access.

(6) Various SNMP bug fixes.

*Added support for flood sensor works only with TM-WIFI220s SOLD AFTER January 20th, 2012. Please check the back of your WIFI device to see if it says "Rev A 2.5" to see if your device supports the flood sensor. If you have anything prior to 2.5, you can send it back to us for an update. 

You can download it right here: TM-WIFI220 FlashKit V6.2.

Please make sure to follow the instructions inside the download kit. If you have any questions or issues, please e-mail

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