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Gauge The Rain With Our Tipping Bucket Sensor

May 15, 2012

Temperature@lert introduces their rainfall smart sensor adapter for Maximum Commercial Instruments’ Tipping Bucket. This is the third industrial smart sensor in a series designed for agricultural customers seeking to gauge rainfall and monitor additional critical conditions.
The Tipping Bucket adapter measures rainfall in order to determine how much water is needed for irrigation purposes. Crops need the correct temperature, as well as air, light, and water in order to trigger photosynthesis and ensure proper growth. Since precipitation is unpredictable, the smart sensor adapter allows the agriculture industry to monitor rainfall conditions and determine if they need to irrigate their crops using man-made resources. Equally damaging to crops is excessive rainfall and over-watering since it impedes crop growth. In order to determine the correct amount of water that crops need, the device can monitor the rainfall in a localized area.

By using Temperature@lert industrial smart sensors, agriculturalists now have the ability to use the plug-and-play technology to effectively monitor and ensure proper crop growth. When the Tipping Bucket adapter is used in conjunction with the soil moisture and wind speed probes, Temperature@lert's industrial smart sensors are able to proactively monitor and alert one to the many conditions such as frost, freeze, flood, over-watering, and excessive dry conditions that can damage crops. Temperature@lert Cellular Editions with their industrial smart sensors will save crops for the agricultural industry as well as reduce water and fuel expenses.
"The rapid growth and availability of the Temperature@lert industrial smart sensor series has really helped many users in the agriculture industry better monitor their farms and take a proactive stance against harsh environmental conditions. We are very excited to see the success in crop growth from our industrial users," says Harry Schechter, CEO and President of Temperature@lert.
Temperature@lert is a leader in the development  of smart plug-and-play sensors. Their devices instantly know what sensors are connected and automatically reconfigures the cloud-based logging and alerting system, Sensor Cloud, to display the new data properly. This allows the user to connect any sensor to any port, any time.

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