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Save Water With Us By Voting For Us To Win The Mission: Small Business Grant

Jun 18, 2012
Currently, Temperature@lert has produced USB, WIFI, CELL, and SOLAR CELL devices. Through our innovation, we have recently been recognized as the 2012 winner of MITX (Massachusetts Innovation & Technology Exchange) Innovation Award for Best Bootstrapped Start-Up and our SOLAR CELL device has won an award for Best "Doing Good" Innovation and is currently an American Business Award Stevie Finalist for Best New Industrial Product in 2012. Our SOLAR CELL has flourished quite well in the agricultural industry yet there has been a large demand for a device as such but for smaller scaled farms and gardens.

Drawing on our previous experience in software and hardware from our SOLAR CELL device, we have created a product project called "PHYL". PHYL will be a cost-effective, compact solar-powered cellular device created for said users. In order to have PHYL be more user-friendly and relatable, our prototype has a green-leaf mounting-frame surrounding a solar cellular edition that is 50% smaller than its industrial parent edition, SOLAR CELL. However, similar to our SOLAR CELL device, PHYL will be able to monitor soil moisture and temperature so that the user can conserve water and have the most optimal conditions for growth.

Although we do have a prototype built, we still have some innovative ideas we'd like to add to our current model. Our plan with the funding would be mainly used to implement these ideas along with refining our prototype of PHYL. The features we would like to develop further are wireless versions of our plug-and-play smart sensors, new wireless smart sensor capabilities, and a separate Sensor Cloud platform aimed towards promoting crop/plant growth. We would also like to create an online community where users will be able to discuss growing tips and request new sensor features. We plan on this small device to pack a punch while remaining cost-effective, simple to set up and use.

Help Temperature@lert and the world's water supply by voting for us to win a grant! Takes less than 30 seconds:

1. Go to
2. Login w/ Facebook
3. Search for: Temperature@lert
4. Vote
5. Share this with your friends & let's all save water together :)



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