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Temperature@lert Is Named A MITX Winner Of The 2012 Innovation Awards

Jun 20, 2012
Temperature@lert has been selected as a winner in the category of Best Bootstrapped Start-Up and Best “Doing Good” Innovation at the 2012 MITX Innovation Awards. Temperature@lert was one of two organizations that won two awards this year.

Temperautre@lert, whose mission is to provide low-cost, high performance temperature monitoring, won these awards based on it’s Solar Cellular Edition product. Temperature@lert’s TM-CELL500 solar powered, cellular sensing and alerting system combines Temperature@lert’s latest generation cellular engine with a host of agricultural related sensors and control devices. By using Temperature@lert’s industrial smart sensors, agriculturalists now have the ability to use technology to effectively monitor and ensure proper crop growth. If an action is taken, such as turning on sprinklers to prevent frost from damaging crops, for example, customers will receive e-mail, SMS text message and phone calls letting them know what is going on.

Approximately 100% farmers over-water their crops and plants.  The vast majority (90%) of water use by farmers in the United States is for irrigation. The combination of these two percentages illustrate significant water waste, run off and wasted dollars. The agricultural industry is a major player for ground and surface water usage, which accounts for about 80% of the water consumption in the United States. Therefore, a solar cellular environmental monitoring device saves water and therefore, also saves fuel and dollars. By discovering the correct amount of water to use, a farmer can not only cut costs and spending but he/she can alleviate over-watering and stop straining the water system.

Existing environmental monitoring systems with such capabilities cost upwards of at least $10,000. However there are more affordable and cost-effective solutions, such as Temperature@lert’s Solar Cellular Edition. This product provides similar functionality at a fraction of the cost and can be installed in minutes. Their unit can save enough water in a year for up to 9,000 people. This assumes a 200 acre farm, 6.21 gal water/cu ft on farm per year, 50% water reduction and 50 gallons per day of water use per person.

The annual MITX Innovation Awards program is the largest awards competition of its kind, celebrating the innovations powering the future of marketing and revolutionizing the way we work and play. The MITX Award winners were announced in 13 general categories, “Best of Show for Innovative Business,” the PwC Promise Award and People’s Choice Awards for Class President & Vice President for the model class of 2011, at a sold out ceremony held on June 12 at the Westin Copley Place.

“Temperature@lert is honored to recognized and receive two awards for its Solar Cellular Edition. As a start-up with the aid of vendors we have been able to manufacture the product and expand distribution faster to this industry,” said Temperature@lert’s President and CEO, Harry Schechter. “We are very excited to be working within this industry to help growers with their crops and saving water one of our nation’s valuable resources.”  

“The Innovation Awards offer an opportunity for us to come together and celebrate the incredible achievements of New England’s innovation economy. The ingenuity and focus possessed by this year’s winners is truly inspiring,” said MITX President Debi Kleiman. “MITX is very proud to host this program and showcase some of the best work that our community is producing right now.”

Judges for the MITX Innovation Awards included over 100 industry professionals representing various disciplines including CEOs, marketers, technologists, strategists, investors, designers and business professionals.

The 2012 MITX Innovation Awards couldn’t happen without the help of these amazing sponsors. Platinum Sponsors: PwC, TripAdvisor. Event Sponsors: the Atom Group, Cassidy Turley FHO, DLA Piper. Media Sponsor: BostInno. Creative Partners: massAV, Metropolis Creative.

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