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The Endless Possibilities With The Release Of Dry Contact Smart Sensor

Sep 04, 2012

Temperature@lert has recently developed a dry contact smart sensor. We had previously developed adapter boards for industrial agricultural sensors, such as soil moisture and wind speed. Expanding beyond the agricultural industry, our latest adapter board can integrate into most monitoring and alarm systems that have the capability for dry contact concatenation.

Through expansion and integration, the Temperature@lert Cellular Edition will be able to alert users to fire alarm panel signals, air conditioning unit state changes, doors/windows opening and closing, etc. Dry contact is essentially a switch where it has two basic outputs that are relevant to individual applications. Dry contact will produce an output of either: “open” or “close”, “on” or “off”, “is” or “isn’t” to name a few. For example in commercial refrigeration, a user can be alerted if a refrigerator door has been “opened” and have the alert triggered to notify when the door has been “closed”.

“These outputs can translate into numerous possibilities for Temperature@lert’s latest smart sensor,” notes CEO and President, Harry Schechter. Temperature@lert Cellular Edition Users will be able to connect their devices to their current alarm systems where dry contact is available. Schechter also notes that, “users will not only be able to be alerted to temperature, humidity, and floods but in addition they can monitor doors, windows, lights, and power for generators among others”. The potential for integration with numerous systems and Temperature@lert Cellular Edition’s ease of usability puts Temperature@lert at the forefront of innovation in monitoring beyond the basic monitoring offerings for IT server rooms, commercial refrigeration, biopharmaceutical and medical supplies, energy management, and property management.

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