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ALERT! New CDC Interim Vaccine Storage And Handling Guidance Out Now

Oct 18, 2012

As of October 10, 2012 the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) announced several new important changes to the Interim Vaccine Storage and Handling Guide. According to the CDC, these guidelines are now to be used by both public and private sector providers. 

Here are the new changes to the guidelines (via CDC website): 

  • (1) Use of a biosafe glycol-encased probe or a similar temperature buffered probe rather than measurement of ambient air temperatures, and;
  • (2) Use of digital data loggers with detachable probes that record and store temperature information at frequent programmable intervals for 24 hour temperature monitoring rather than non-continuous temperature monitoring, and;
  • (3) Use of stand-alone refrigerator and stand-alone freezer units suitable for vaccine storage rather than combination (refrigerator+freezer) or other units not designed for storing fragile biologics, such as vaccines, and;
  • (4) Discontinuing use of dorm-style or bar-style refrigerator/freezers for ANY vaccine storage, even temporary storage, and;
  • (5) Weekly review of vaccine expiration dates and rotation of vaccine stock.

A simple system, such as our CELL Edition, has not only 24 hour temperature monitoring, but power loss monitoring as well. By plugging our temperature sensors with our buffer vials in, our system will give you the ability to properly monitor according to the new CDC guidelines. If needed, NIST certification is available upon request. 

Please contact us for more information or for a quote on how to accurately monitor your vaccine storage unit(s). 

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