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Don't Let Your Pipes Freeze This Winter!

Nov 13, 2012

Winter weather is well on its way and so are those dropping temperatures. When you own a vacation property, it is very important to monitor your property while you are a way. There are many concerns for today's vacation home owners such as damage from frozen pipes to mold growth to flooding. Temperature@lert provides low-cost options to monitor your home away from home so that you can feel at ease while you are away.

For example, Tom W., who owns a vacation home and had monitoring concerns, contacted us for a solution:

When Tom started looking at ways to ensure that the pipes in his Michigan vacation home didn’t freeze over the long, dormant winter he noticed a major problem with existing products. Whether it was Internet access or a phone line, they all required a wire into the home to be able to send out an alarm. 
When a winter storm rolls through and knocks out power and phone lines, the out-of-the-way, rural vacation home spots are usually the last to have services restored. Not knowing how long it would take to restore power, it became clear that the existing temperature monitoring options weren’t going to suffice.
Tom chose the Temperature@lert Cellular device because it sends temperature readings over the AT&T/T-Mobile wireless phone networks back to the 24/7 Sensor Cloud system. Tom can log-on to the Sensor Cloud website from anywhere in the world and see realtime temperature readings of what’s going on inside his second home. In addition, when the power does get knocked out, the built-in battery back-up in the Cellular device can last for weeks on a single charge. As if that weren’t enough for peace of mind; when the temperature falls below 50°F, Tom receives a text message while his neighbor receives a phone call indicating that something has happened to the heat in the house.
I am very pleased with my purchase of the cellular temperature monitor. I looked at a number of other remote temperature monitoring systems but in my view, Temperature@lert is by far the most reliable and cost effective solution for people that require temperature monitoring of a vacation property or second residence. It’s less than half the cost of the landline I had in there (which is now disconnected!). So, I actually save money each month with Temperature@lert. The device has consistently performed well since the day it was activated.  Thanks for designing such a unique monitoring device - I will remain a very loyal and happy customer.

For more information on how to properly monitor your vacation home, please drop us an e-mail to or submit a quote request.

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