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Is Your Refrigerator Running?

Dec 18, 2012

Not sure? Then you probably should be monitoring it!

All jokes aside, many neglect the importance of monitoring their refrigerator, especially since many consider it to be a "set it and forget it" type of device. Without constant monitoring, one would be unaware if a piece of hardware (i.e. compressor, evaporator, condenser, expansion belt, pumps, fans, motor, etc.) failed, and as a result, the refrigerator is no longer functioning properly.

The consequences of a failing cooling unit is not a pretty sight at all. From melted pools of ice cream to spoiled food to vaccine contamination, there are big issues when your cooling unit goes off and causes damage to the equipment, possibly losing years of compiled research. Imagine walking into work and seeing just globs upon globs of spoiled food. This is a sight you should avert, not clean up.

Although it's possible to plan for research dates, arrival of food products, among other cooling dates, it is not possible to plan for a malfunction. This can happen at any time without warning. Therefore, temperature monitoring and alerting are necessary to deter any possibility or likelihood of malfunction. 

Even with preventative measures, malfunctions can still occur. Take, for example, Harvard's McLean Freezer's containing brains for research on Autism and other neurological conditions. Their freezer had malfunctioned causing 150 brains to decay and decompose. A loss of this magnitude is not only financially damaging but has potentially set-back research on neurological conditions for a decade. This type of research is truly priceless and illustrates that the importance of proper storage, temperature monitoring and temperature fluctuation extends well beyond financial cost. Unfortunately, the residual effects of lost data can be more damaging than the replacement of equipment and subsequent recovery.

The CDC (Center for Disease Control) estimates that 17%-37% of vaccinations are improperly stored. However, members in the medical and pharmaceutical industry are not the only ones affected by malfunctioning monitors. As well, members of the food and beverage industry suffer from malfunctioning cooling equipment.

Pipeline Restaurant's CEO Ben Wood decided to avert disaster rather than clean it up, “walk-in refrigerators fail more often than you’d think. With Temperature@lert, we can correct the problem before it adversely impacts our business. Anyone who has ever experienced a refrigeration failure will agree that this is a no-brainer purchase. Now, the problem is fixed before it impacts our business. I love these little devices!”

For refrigeration needs, we suggest either our WIFI or CELL device. The CELL has a backup battery that can transmit even during a power loss. Our WIFI is also an excellent option if you currently have an implemented UPS backup power as well. Either device combined with our temperature sensor can help you monitor more efficiently and alert you to any problems. Specialized sensors and accessories are available as well, such as stainless steel tipped temperature probes for submerging in liquid, expanded range probes for cryogenic temperatures and buffer vials (which prevents the dreaded "false alarm" from an open cooler door)

Learn How to Monitor Your Refrigerator

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