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3 Industries For NIST Sensor Certification

Jan 11, 2013

No two temperature sensors are alike. In the Temperature@lert "lab", we undertake a series of rigorous testing and research for our products, ensuring their accuracy and responsiveness. Still, an average 'sensor' is not properly certified for sensitive temperature applications. Legislative guidlines are often strict for these use cases, and ultimately require specific certifications. The National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) is the temperature monitor 'go-to' source for certification. But what exactly is a NIST certification, and why is obtaining one important?

Example Certificate: NIST from Temperature@lert

In short, NIST is the National Measurement Institute for the United States. They provide regulatory, certification, and conformity assessment information for 'standards-related' activities. By using Standard Reference Materials (SRMs) NIST testing confirms the accuracy of specific measurements. These standard materials represent the 'baseline' of standards, and the certification is then based on conformity to the baseline.


For many industries, the NIST certification is seen as the 'holy grail' of accuracy and is important as an 'advanced monitoring technique'. Check out these industry-specific tips for NIST certification and see if you need a certification!


IT/Server Room Industry: (Low Concern)

Currently, accuracy within 1-2 degrees is sufficient for NIST certified devices in server rooms. The devices should accurately measure rising temperatures in your server rooms, as overheating can lead to a typical 'IT disaster'.


Food Distribution (includes Wine Cellers): (Higher Concern)

Ensuring the accuracy of sensors is highly critical for food distributors. Spoiled food and bacteria can cause health problems for consumers and financial headaches for their companies. All sensors must be NIST calibrated to display the proper measurement of food temperatures. With the proper measurements, one can prevent spoilage or bacterial buildup. 


Vaccine Storage(Highest Concern)

NIST certifications are the most applicable for temperature monitoring devices used for vaccine storage. Calibration needs to be extremely precise, as sensors should be within 0.5C or better. In most cases, NIST certification is required by law and is not a flexible process.


Get Certified with Temperature@lert today!

Temperature@lert offers NIST certified temperature probes for our USB, WiFi and Cellular Edition product lines. 

The certificate includes several temperature test points, and also specifies the serial number of the probe. Please call or email us for further information on how to obtain NIST traceable pre-certification of your Temperature Alert sensors.

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