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Temperature@lert Named A 2013 Winner Of Boston Business Journal's Best Green Practices Award For Invention

Mar 14, 2013

Temperature@lert has been selected as a winner of the Boston Business Journal’s “Best Green Practices Awards” for invention. The Boston Business Journal honors many companies for accomplishments in design, innovation, invention, and for other notable strides in green practices.  Temperature@lert will be honored for their accomplishment for invention at a breakfast at The Seaport Hotel on Friday, April 12, 2013.

Temperature@lert’s TM-CELL540-S solar powered, cellular sensing and alerting system combines Temperature@lert’s latest generation cellular engine with a host of agricultural related sensors and control devices. By using Temperature@lert’s industrial smart sensors, agriculturalists now have the ability to use technology to effectively monitor and ensure proper crop growth, as well as save water. For example, if an action is taken, such as turning on sprinklers to prevent frost from damaging crops, customers will receive e-mails, SMS text messages, and phone calls to inform them of the status change.

Close to 100% of farmers in the United States over-water their crops and plants. The vast majority (90%) primarily use water for irrigation purposes. These two percentages paint a grim picture of water waste, runoff and wasted dollars for the agricultural community. The agricultural industry is a major player for ground and surface water usage, accounting for about 80% of the water consumption in the United States.

Their solar cellular environmental monitoring device saves water, and as a byproduct, also saves fuel and maintenance dollars. By discovering the correct amount of water to use, a farmer cannot only cut costs and spending but he/she can prevent over-watering and reduce their individual strain on the water system. The Solar Cellular Unit can save enough water in a year for up to 9,000 people. This assumes a 200-acre farm, 6.21 gal water/cu ft on farm per year, 50% water reduction, and 50 gallons per day of water use per person.

Publisher of the Boston Business Journal, Chris McIntosh, said it best, “Our Best Green Practices event is a celebration of the environmentally aware and intelligent approaches that increasingly define Boston business.” With such an innovative group of green practices winners for 2013, Temperature@lert looks forward to meeting the other winners and sharing a deeper insight into green practices performed and showcased in Boston.

“Temperature@lert is greatly honored to be recognized for its Solar Cellular Edition in green practices by the Boston Business Journal. We are ecstatic to be working within the agricultural industry, where we get to help growers with their crops while saving water one of our nation’s valuable resources,” said Temperature@lert’s President and CEO, Harry Schechter. “Who wouldn’t want to help save water and promote food growth? These are very important matters in sustainability and we’re glad to be a part of the solution.”

For more information on Temperature@lert’s Solar Cellular Edition, please visit

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