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Top 15 Monitoring Points At Hotels

Mar 22, 2013

Aside from the amenities and accommodations for guests, Bed and Breakfast owners, property managers, innkeepers, and hotel managers have a tremendous amount of monitoring considerations. Certain points are particular to guests, whereas others are intended for building management and energy efficiency. Depending on management priorities (and the needs of guests), consider monitoring these specific points to improve guest relations, building management procedures, and energy efficiency within a hotel, Bed and Breakfast, or Inn.

  1. Pools: (temperature, pH levels, chlorine count)
  2. Hot Tubs: (pH level, temperature)
  3. Guest Rooms: (temperature, humidity)
  4. Boiler Rooms and maintenance areas: (temperature, flood, humidity)
  5. Gardens and Lawns: (Soil moisture, rainfall)
  6. Walk-in Refrigerators: (temperature, humidity)
  7. Walk-in Freezers: (temperature, humidity)
  8. Standard Refrigerators and Freezers: (temperature)
  9. Management Office: (temperature)
  10. Management server room(s): (temperature, humidity, flood)
  11. Pantries and other food storages: (temperature, humidity, flood)
  12. Outdoor areas: (security, motion sensors, door sensors)
  13. Other Recreation Areas (Hot tubs, etc): (temperature, humidity)
  14. Heat and A/C: (energy efficiency)
  15. Building Management*: (lighting, electricity, HVAC/R systems)

    *a step above standard monitoring

    Which monitoring points do you find most important to your hotel/Bed and Breakfast, and what other devices (not listed) do you find useful?

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