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3 Ways To Monitor Temperature Remotely

Apr 08, 2013

3 Ways to Monitor Temperature Remotely

Let's face it: On-site monitoring has a number of drawbacks. Unless there is a consistent personnel presence in any business or warehouse, the sole use of "on-site monitoring" fails to address critical benefits that are typically derived from temperature monitoring systems. There must be a hybrid of information streams, in which both on-site and offsite employees are informed of temperature fluctuations and/or related failures. These are 3 of the most common added tools for remote temperature monitoring, all of which are provided by the slew of temperature sensor vendors in the marketplace. Be sure to utilize at least one of these remote options to provide access to "out-house" personnel. 


Text/E-mail/Cell Alerts:

Although this is standard fare for most temperature sensors, the true value in 'alerting' via text, email, or phone calls is relatively straightforward. These alerts are three distinct notification streams that can be sent to the necessary personnel, whether they're on-site or in a remote location. In contrast to the mobile application, these alerts are a more direct line of communication between the device(s) and the employee(s), and do not require periodic checks. These timely alerts are the first line of defense, and are the most critical "remote access" tools in temperature monitoring. Phone calls are a newer form of alerting, and in fact, many vendors and suppliers have yet to add phone calls to their alerting capabilities.



Web Interface:

This is the most critical, and represents the best way to monitor temperature remotely. A web interface provides a 24/7 look into all devices, sensors, and alerting procedures. Logs and reports are easily accessible from any web browser, and all data can typically be exported to a CSV or Excel file. Reports can also be automated with a web interface, and monthly reports can be delivered seamlessly with this expanded function.  

iPhone/Android Application:

As the saying goes, "there's an app for that", and indeed, it's now possible to monitor temperatures remotely from nearly any smartphone. This has become relevant for all temperature sensor vendors, and the ongoing evolution of smartphones and mobile applications continues to up the ante for a smooth and simple temperature monitoring "app". With a link to on-site temperature sensors, these iPhone/Android applications provide a live, in-pocket view of temperature data, statuses, and event notifications. The applications can be used anywhere (with cell carrier coverage), and all of the information is consolidated nicely into the application interface for readability. This type of remote monitoring is great for cell phone enthusiasts, and traveling business owners will truly appreciate the in-pocket coverage. 

Temperature@lert iPhone Application 

Temperature@lert Android Application

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