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Visual Alert Signalers: The Next Temperature@lert Innovation?

Apr 12, 2013

Visual Alert Signalers: The Next Temperature@lert Innovation?

We love testing. We test our products, we test our strategies, we even test our own testing methods to gauge their respective accuracy. Right now, we're testing a 'visual alert' to complement our mobile/text message alerts. Many of our customers have asked for this capability; a visual alert beacon that ties directly to our current alert systems.
It's about as simple as it looks, a green 'status' indicates normal system performance. A red 'status' indicates a triggered alert or alarm based on temperature changes (or breached thresholds for humidity, soil moisture and other accessories as defined by the customer). These "visual alert signalers" will bring added functionality to our existing product systems..

It seems odd that we're publicly broadcasting a new 'rev' of our product line, and we can be certain that many of our competitors are taking note of this simple innovation (and whether it brings us success!). But, in all honesty, we aren't concerned with the opinions or competitive advantages that our competitors may derive from this; they have their own successful product lines and features and will develop their own systems at their hearts desire.
This development stems directly out of customer conversations, in which a type of 'visual indicator of change' was a frequent request in our LiveChat conversations. We often hear (with our own extensions and applications) that features, changes, or new ideas are "in-development currently" and we're left shaking our heads. This "flexible brick wall" response is frustrating; it feels like an empty promise constructed out of shame. We think honesty is the best policy: Be clear about product development, inform customers of development progress and send targeted announcements to the customers that suggested the idea(s). It's safe to say that our products have evolved through the guidance of our customers, and we look forward to more suggestions that may help improve our products, services, or any applicable segment of our business. As proof, this visual alert signaler represents our latest innovation based on customer feedback. Our competitors may be afraid of announcing change, but with Temperature@lert, we keep open ears for our customers and their nuggets of product insight. 
Also, we're coming up on our 8th year anniversary this Sunday. We're proud of our longevity and our continuing dedication to innovation and development in the environmental monitoring space. Our products were also featured in the Boston Business Journal, and our Solar Cellular Edition was recently selected as the "invention" winner for Best Green Practices in 2013. Check out the article and see a customer product request in action!

ALSO: If you have a product suggestion that you'd like to see "in-action", shoot an e-mail to Remember, there are no bad ideas, just bad timing!

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