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USB Version 4.2.1 And WiFi Version 7.3 Released

May 06, 2013

USB Software Release 4.2.1


  • Fixed a few installation issues with Windows Server 2008

  • Interface accelaration

  • Base filtering engine fix


How to download and re-install the latest software and drivers


1) Uninstall the software and delete the program files\temperature@lert folder.

2) Uninstall the drivers (Download the driver cleaning utility from our downloads section)

3) Unzip the files

4) Run CDMUninstaller.gui by right clicking and choosing "run as administrator" (or just run if that option is not displayed) - no need to change any settings.

5) Click "Add" and then "Remove Drivers"

4) Download the latest updates here

5) Start Software and click "rescan" on the settings tab.

6) Click save and apply.

With the most recent updates of Windows 7 and Windows Server 2008 and related platforms, you may need to run the driver uninstaller again, and unplug and plug the device back in, and let the OS automatically detect drivers. 


WiFi Firmware Release 4.2.1

Changes log:



  • New sensor reading firmware


  • Fixes bug with the alarm email page not saving settings between reboots


  • Fixed bug with preferences page not saving settings correctly
  • Minor updates to status emails


  • Initial Release

Flashing Instructions


1. Log into your Temperature@lert TM-WiFi 330 unit

2. Navigate to the "Help" Tab

3. Click "Upgrade Firmware"

4. Follow the prompts, and select the tm-wifi-330-7-1.bin file

5. The update should take approximately three minutes total. Do not power off

your device during the update, as that may render the device non-functional. 

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