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Safe Vaccine Storage: 5 Point Checklist And Infographic

May 28, 2013

Safe Vaccine Storage: 5 Point Checklist and Infographic

There are many guidelines and suggestions based around vaccine storage, and while many are detailed and comprehensive, the value of a digestible explanation is wholly understated. Keeping it simple, or providing easy-to-read checklists, graphs, and guidelines instead of textbooked (and sometimes tired) prose, is quite effective for educating staff on proper guidelines and practices. The CDC typically does an excellent job of supplementing textbook-worthy explanations with "elementary" graphics and charts. Many of their own checklists (while also comprehensive) are easily digested and understood. To that end, also has an excellent .PDF checklist for safe vaccine storage and handling. These following 5 tips are extracted directly from their official checklist. To see the entire list, click here.

1. Clean coils, bins, shelves, and other hard-to-reach spots in all refrigeration/freezer units every 3-6 months.

2. Use calibrated thermometers with verifiable Certificates of traceability and Calibration (such as NIST) to ensure compliance.

3. Ensure that all managerial personnel are well versed in CDC's storage and handling guidelines (wherever applicable)

4. Purchase backup storage units and refrigerators (tied to internal batteries or generators) to safeguard against power outages. Switch to these secondary units when needed, and routinely check generators to ensure fault tolerance.

5. Document the following details (manually or automatically via technology)

  • Vaccine type and quantity

  • Date received

  • Shipment condition (especially if damaged)

  • Manufacturer name

  • Expiration Date (keep an additional, separate log to compile expiration dates for extra precaution)


We've also uncovered a very useful and informative vaccine storage infographic, courtesy of the Minnesota Department of Health

Original Link: Minnesota Department of Health

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