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Top 5 Consequences Of Monitoring Failures

Jun 04, 2013
For a variety of industries and applications, failing to monitor temperature can set off a chain reaction of problems and frustration. From lost research, to tained vaccines, to spoiled food costing thousands of dollars, temperature monitoring is a concept that shouldn't be ignored, overlooked, or passively addressed. Check out these common disasters that can arise from the lack of a monitoring system, and prevent these from becoming your reality:

1. Melting Servers and IT Equipment: For the banking sector in particular, melted servers are the equivalent to a data meltdown. Employees will often arrive at the office on Monday, only to walk directly into a sauna-like server room.

2. Melted Ice Cream: Many ice cream vendors live and die by their freezer systems. The delicacy must dwell within a certain range in the freezer, and without a monitoring system, countless dollars are lost when the ice cream melts. 

3. Food Safety Violations: When inspected by the health department, many restaurants and cafes face stiff penalties if refrigerated and/or frozen products aren't properly monitored. Beyond the health department, contaminated food leads to sickness, lawsuits, wasted food, and perhaps all three. 

4. Tainted Vaccines: Many stories have come up recently about vaccine contamination and misuse, and the root cause is typically due to a temperature monitoring failure. The Harvard Brain Bank was an unfortunate example of this problem.

5. Mold in the Home: Vacation homes are at risk for mold contamination, particularily if left unoccupied for long periods of tie. Owners will often arrive at the home to find an outbreak of mold because humidity levels had been elevated for several weeks unbeknownst to them. 

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