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Temperature@lert And MeiMei Street Kitchen: The Double Awesome

Jun 20, 2013

Temperature@lert and MeiMei Street Kitchen:

Single Solution, Double Awesome

2ThinkNow, a well-renowned barometer for geographical innovation, has again named Boston as the most innovative city of 2013. It's magnified mainly through local startups like Hubspot; a trailblazing software company with a comprehensive "Inbound Marketing Suite" that has proved wildly popular with a variety of businesses and industries. But innovation isn't necessarily found in the IT department, the angel investor war rooms, or the conference rooms of heavyweight institutions such as Harvard or MIT. Sometimes, innovation is better found on an empty stomach.

Temperature@lert recently visited MeiMei Street Kitchen, a Boston-based, family owned food truck with an eye for specialty Asian cuisine. Offerings range from simple, homemade dumplings to the "Double Awesome", a scallion-wrapped mix of poached eggs and local goodies. If you haven't had a taste, MeiMei Street Kitchen has been lighting up the media sphere since their inception, with features in The Boston GlobeBoston Magazine (Winner of Best of Boston 2012- Meal on Wheels), and a variety of other publications. Needless to say, this truck has effectively 'poached' the Boston food truck marketplace.

One of the co-owners, Margeret (Mei), reached out to Temperature@lert with a specific job in mind. Mei raised the concern of overnight power outages, wherein the truck is parked overnight and attached to a power source for their refrigerators. While the truck is attached to a reliable power source, an extended period of power loss (especially overnight) could lead to spoiled ingredients. Food Truck brands are fragile; the public has entrusted their lunch dollars to these well-managedtrucks, but a few cases of foodborne illness can quickly change that.

Margaret expressed interest in Temperature@lert's Cellular Edition to avert this problem, specifically to provide alerts and status reports for the truck's overnight nap. She wanted phone call and text message alerts in case of a power failure, thereby allowing her to take corrective action to ensure the freshness of her ingredients before spoilage or molding occurs. She expressed the fear of returning to the truck in the early morning, only to throw away thousands of dollars worth of victuals that were exposed to the food "danger zone". 

"We needed a solution for our overnight storage issue. I couldn't really enjoy peace of mind after we parked the truck for the night. Even if the power was revived before the morning, I just didn't have a definitive indicator of temperature changes and whether we were 'staying fresh'", said Mei.

"Temperature@lert's Cellular Edition is a perfect fix for my concerns. For example, I have alerts set for "loss of AC power". Team members can take corrective action when alerted, and the device continues to transmit temperature readings via a backup battery. When I return in the mornings, I can easily take a peek at the hour-by-hour temperature readings from the previous night. We used to take readings by hand in the morning and afternoon, but the Sensor Cloud interface actually aggregates that data for us. These historical temperature readings are definitive proof that we're effectively monitoring our temperatures 24/7, and thereby staying ahead of potential failures and preventing spoilage. I have peace of mind, guarenteed freshness for my ingredients, and thankfully the device is easy to use. We're extremely happy with this system from Temperature@lert." 

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