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The Costs Of Temperature Monitoring: Restaurants And Food Storage

Jul 01, 2013

The Costs of Temperature Monitoring: Restaurants and Food Storage

Do the ends justify the means?

All businesses have a mountain of budgetary considerations, including the outsourcing of tasks for various monthly fees, maintaining stock and inventory to fulfill orders or customer needs, and any acquisitions of technologies/products that boost productivity, help to drive success, or provide a definitive return on investment (ROI). The question is, which of these technologies should you invest in, and what benefits do they provide to you and your business? Are there actually “magic wand” technologies and products that provide indisputable ROI?

Take the industry of commercial refrigeration for example (that means you, restaurant owners and supermarket gurus). Your business is mainly consumables, and the quality of the consumables ultimately defines your business’ image. You’d like to maximize profits on your food products, but you’re also wary of overspending on external devices and/or optimization tools that may affect your bottom line. Why purchase a device that serves as a monthly budgetary drain?

In the world of consumables, perishable goods, and delicious delicacies, there’s a fundamental problem, specifically in regards to storage and upkeep. Are you aware?

You’re probably thinking, what is this fundamental problem, and how does it affect me? Think about your refrigerator(s) and freezer(s). What’s inside them? Are the contents products important to your bottom line? Of course they are!

Your Assets: Protect or Pray?

Think about Fort Knox. The value of the housed gold is widely disputed, but the inherent value of the gold warrants the high costs of the security and protection against theft and sabotage. The gold needs to be protected 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, and for what reason? Again, pretty obvious, the gold has significant value!

Now think about your refrigerator(s) and freezer(s) again; what security measures are you undertaking to protect these assets? Are you protecting them 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, or just during normal business hours?

  • What if you knew that these food products could be headed for the trash if you don’t use a temperature monitoring device?
  • What if that meant thousands of dollars in losses?
  • Think on the other side of that quandary; what if you knew that devices (with alerting capabilities) exist to prevent spoilage and maintain freshness, and can subsequently prevent those unspeakable losses?

Enough with the questions. Time for some answers. Ultimately, any business that stores consumables (and makes profit by selling them) needs to have an environmental monitoring system in place. You can’t afford the losses that are associated with spoiled meat and/or bacteria-infested vegetables, and these losses can only multiply depending on the size of your business.

More specifically, A small fluctuation in temperature can lead to thousands (and with larger businesses, tens of thousands) of dollars in losses, and frankly, you might be the one to blame. Whether you’re a cook, manager, or company owner, the ROI with an environmental monitoring system becomes clear when you consider the possible losses that can result without such a system.

And in a sense, these devices are a form of insurance. By using a robust, 24 hour solution, you’re actually insuring the shelf life and freshness of your precious consumables against a variety of failures. You might think, “well it’s never happened before, and I have competent employees to prevent any failures”. It’s a fair assumption, but the losses far outweigh the meager costs of these monitoring systems. You don’t want to learn the value of these devices the hard way, and in truth, we field many calls that begin with a horror story of trashed goods or cringe-worthy morning discoveries.

Don’t be that business! Be proactive, and understand that temperature can negatively affect all of your consumables. You don’t want to lose money, and why would you? A small investment in environmental monitoring reaps unlimited insurance benefits, and represents a little-known safeguard against tremendous and unforseen losses. Whether you store pounds of ground beef, gallons of ice cream, or even heads of lettuce, remember that these are your profit lifelines, and insuring them against temperature changes (and thereby, bacteria and spoilage) is ALWAYS a necessary evil. Don’t let a disaster teach you a lesson, use the Fort Knox approach, and remind your superior (or yourself, if you own the business) that environmental monitoring systems are a form of all-inclusive insurance that prevents LOI (loss on investment). You’ve invested your hard earned dollars in these consumables, so bite the cake and protect them.

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