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Restaurant Infographic: Spotting Pitfalls

Jul 09, 2013

Restaurant Infographic: Spotting Pitfalls

First, we should give serious credit to Arbella Insurance for this handy infographic. The combined tips (totaling 12) are excellent troubleshooting tips for a variety of accidents, obstacles, and common concerns in a restaurant. Still, there are troubling facts within this infographic, and we'd like to address one fact in particular.

We've spoken a great deal about automation and the use of monitoring systems to insure products, but we've passed over a fundamental necessity, one that all restaurants need to address. According to this infographic, less than half of restaurants with reported fires had extinguishing and/or smoke alarm systems in place. More specifically, only 41% had a working smoke alarm and only 47% had a working fire extinguisher. 

These statistics are certainly alarming (no pun intended), and we should at least piggy-back on encouraging all restaurants to (as the infographic mentions) establish a service relationship with a business that specializes in smoke alarm systems and fire extinguishers. This is a necessary budgetary consideration and is a deterrent against product loss, injury (to employees and customers), and the loss of your restaurant. We've all heard the alarming factoids about restaurant failure (23% after the first year), and after reading this infographic, the truths about smoke detectors and extinguishers need to be properly addressed. Given the average failure rate, how can a fundamental safeguard be so easily overlooked?

Whatever the case may be, overlooking simple safeguards can have huge drawbacks. This rings true for a variety of deterrent devices and monitoring systems, and the implementation of such systems is becoming not just a luxury, but a necessity for all restaurants

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