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We're Hiring: Support Ninja!

Aug 16, 2013
Temperature@lert is currently seeking a support ninja to serve as the first line of defense for technical questions, customer service, and general projects related to deployment and development. We’re looking for problem solving, outside-the-box thinking, and a general “can do” attitude. No problem goes unsolved at Temperature@lert!

The Job:

     - The “front line” of help for customers that need extra assistance deploying/configuring our products.

     - Work to create and manage an online support community to help reduce the number of direct customer inquiries.
     - Identify ways to streamline the support process and identify new web-based technologies (like zendesk) we should deploy.
     - Collaboration and communication with Marketing, Customer Operations and Sales to deploy the most effective solution(s).
     - Work on a variety of abstract and concrete ideas with different team members

The Requirements

     - Self Learner, Hacker, Technology Advocate that can work on anything
     - Experience working with interesting and successful products
     - Excellent written and spoken English communication a MUST
     - Permanent legal right to work in the US.

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