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Government Shutdown Alert

Oct 03, 2013

Surely you've kept your nose in the news, and if you haven't, you should know that the federal government is (hopefully temporarily) shut down. Countless news articles have summarized the implications for average consumers, big businesses and everywhere in between based on the closings. 

More importantly, an ABC News article with the heading "No food poisoning, flu surveillance during shutdown, federal health agencies say" has quietly raised a tidal wave of concerns about vaccines, food safety and general quality assurance. According to the article, over 50% of CDC and FDA personnel were designated for furlough in preparation for the shudown and this has left a number of holes in these critical government agencies. A spokeswoman for the CDC further drilled these holes into a dark realm of concern with the following statement:

“The vast majority of CDC’s activities will shut down completely,” said Barbara Reynolds, a CDC spokeswoman. “Our public health response will be slowed.

For instance, CDC will not be conducting multi-state foodborne illness outbreak investigations, although local health departments will stay on the job."

While this is an alarming statement that can easily incite fear in all consumers given the danger of a foodborne illness outbreak or tainted vaccine mishap, Temperature@lert is honoring our 24/7/365 commitment to protection and prevention. Our devices are both infrastructure independent and federally independent and our monitoring services will continue to send alerts, provide real-time insight into environmental conditions and uphold our protection promises to the respective government agencies that are using our products. While federal offices are short-staffed and in skeleton mode (and are admitting weakness), Temperature@lert devices won't be missing a beat (or a reading). 

As an extra precaution, we've also extended a billing "grace" period to our government customers to ensure the operational capability of the devices in use in the event of budgetary cutbacks. We've realized that regardless of our internal payment deadlines, these critical agencies must continue monitoring temperature, humidity and other environmental indicators to protect their assets (and further, their consumers, meaning you). Vaccines cannot (and will not) go unmonitored, and regardless of the CDC's statement, rest assured that these critical monitoring devices are still in full operation. 


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