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ALERT: Service Outage For Group Of T-MOBILE CELL Users Detected And Resolved

Jun 29, 2014

At approximately 1:51PM EDT a group of T-Mobile services became unavailable. Temperature@lert contacted the cellular data service provider immediately upon discovering the issue in order to restore services. T-Mobile  was experiencing network issues at their Snoqualmie, WA data center.  Segmented group of customers with T-Mobile Temperature@lert devices (14%) were experiencing an outage on and off this weekend. As of 5:38pm EDT, service has been restored to all CELL users who experienced the outage. 

Temperature@lert will continue to monitor the issue closely and ensure that service will be restored to users as soon as possible if it has not already been done so. We also offer a store and forward feature that stores the sensor readings in the cellular unit and then retransmits them once service is restored from an outage. If you would like more information on adding this feature, please contact us.

Thank you for choosing Temperature@lert for your monitoring needs and please do not hesitate to contact us at, if you are still experiencing problems with your service.

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