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Points To Monitor In Your Hotel: Introduction

Aug 21, 2014

Imagine that you are the manager or owner of a popular hotel. As the person in charge, it's your job to make sure that every guest in your establishment is comfortable and content. Still, it wouldn't be a day on the job if you didn't find yourself addressing at least one complaint of an unhappy hotel guests, right?

Why was the pool too cold for them to swim in? Why was the workout room kept at temperatures so hot that they couldn't even stand in it for five minutes without breaking a sweat, let alone go for a run? How come the grounds that were pictured lush and green online seemed like an obvious photoshop cover-up of the dead grass that covered the grounds? Or maybe the $20 burger and fries that was delivered to their room late night raised eyebrows when it was delivered cold and undercooked. Whether your guests are frequent travellers or treating themselves to a long overdue vacation, as the manager, you know it's the small attention to detail that can make or break your guests experience in your hotel. It takes more than just a smile and polite staff to accomplish guest satisfaction. But it can be a difference in as little as four degrees that can make your pool a paradise, your gym an escape, your grounds an oasis and your room service exemplary.

When it comes to managing a hotel that guests will recommend to their friends and want to return to themselves, it's crucial to create an environment in which guests feel comfortable and taken care of. If you're a hotel owner or manager, you know that your guests’ satisfaction knows no hours and even when you aren't on the premises, you're always on the clock. There's so much to think about when it comes to ensuring guest comfort and at any moment your phone can ring with an emergency that requires immediate action. For example, how about a power outage? It's a big problem that will affect, not only the lights, but also everything from the refrigerators and freezers in your hotel kitchen to the temperature of the pool and hot tub to the maintenance equipment in your boiler room. 

If you're a smart owner or manager, you understand very well the tremendous amount of monitoring considerations that managing a hotel property requires and you've been sure to take precautionary action and come up with effective aversion strategies for any and all of the curveballs that are thrown your way. Even in the midst of a power outage or some other uncontrollable disaster, the cautious and active hotel manager can ensure guest retention and satisfaction simply by making smart monitoring decisions.

It's definitely not an exhaustive list, but there are some critical points that, if you’re a hotel owner or manager, you should seriously consider monitoring in order to take preventative measures should a disaster, like a power outage, occur. Not only can you save yourself a costly cleanup, but also you'll surely impress the guests that have travelled from all corners of the world to stay with you with your quick action. In fact, they may never even know that anything is wrong if you're able to avert disaster.

Throughout this series, we'll show you how temperature and humidity monitoring at key points, specifically hotel pools and spas, workout rooms, kitchens, maintenance areas and the outside grounds, can only be beneficial in improving guest relations, building management procedures and energy efficiency. Making full use of automatic and continuous monitoring technologies is a smart, low-cost and easy way to hone in on guest-focused improvements that will put you ahead in the customer service and hospitality game. 

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Written By:

Kate Hofberg, Epicurean Essayist

Temperature@lert’s resident foodie from sunny Santa Barbara, Kate Hofberg, creates weekly blog posts, manages the content database, and assists with the marketing team's projects. Balancing a love for both the west and east coast, Hofberg studied at University of California Santa Barbara, where she received a Bachelors in Communications, and Boston University, where she is currently a Masters candidate in Journalism. Before coming to Temperature@lert, Hofberg trained in her foodie ways through consumption of extremely spicy, authentic Mexican food with her three brothers and managing a popular Santa Barbara beachside restaurant. Through her training and love of great food, she brings fresh methods of cooking up content. When Hofberg is not working on Temperature@lert marketing endeavors, she serves as a weekly opinion columnist for the Boston University independent student-run newspaper, The Daily Free Press. If time permits, Hofberg enjoys long walks, reading, playing with her cat, and eating pizza. Her ideal temperature is 115°F because she loves temperatures as hot and spicy as her food.

Kate Hofberg

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