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Vaccine Transportation: Challenges & Innovation in Developing Countries

Oct 16, 2014

Some of the most important vaccines in the world are heat-sensitive, thus requiring custom transportation and storage to ensure their integrity and effectiveness. The process involving the transportation and storage of heat-sensitive products has been defined as the cold chain. It requires reliable refrigeration technologies to successfully move the vaccines from their manufacturers to the end user. Maintaining cold chain operations becomes a challenging quest for developing countries without reliable or limited access to electrical power.

The following presentation will offer an overview of the cold chain; look into some real life limitations of cold chain logistics in developing countries and present some of the new technologies being used to overcome the situations where electricity isn’t readily available. 

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Over the next few weeks, we will publish four articles that provide greater insight into cold chain operations. The themes that will be covered:

(1) cold chain: what is it and the logistics surrounding it

(2) cold chain's relevance to the current outbreak of Ebola in Africa

(3) past cases and challenges with cold chain operations

(4) the innovations in transportation, storage, and monitoring of vaccines

Lorena Sifontes, Content Marketing Intern

Lorena is a senior international student at Endicott College, pursuing a degree on Integrated Marketing Communications with a minor in Psychology. Born in Venezuela and raised in Panama, she has helped companies manage their social media accounts and marketing. Currently, she’s a content marketing intern at Temperature@lert, and her ideal temperature is 75°F for walking and hiking outdoors.

Lorena Sifontes

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