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USB 101 Part 3: Powerful Integration Tools

Nov 18, 2014

IT Professionals like to play: USB Edition offers technical hooks for customization.

IT professionals more than those in bio/pharma/lab and food service applications tend to want to customize temperature monitoring devices for their particular operation.  After all, that’s why they’ve chosen the profession, or were chosen by the profession. Whatever. Of particular interest are features that assist in messaging as well as integration into existing systems.  For example, a temperature monitoring device may be viewed more favorably if it is capable of providing email and SMS text alerts; phone alerts may be even more desirable. Temperature@lert’s USB Edition provides a suite of integration options that meet most any need.

The USB Edition data logging provides easy downloads in XML and text formats that can readily be turned into tables and graphs in reports for management review.  Additionally, technically inclined IT professionals can query the temperature logs instantly by simply installing Microsoft's SQL Server Management Studio to access the raw temperature logs.  The downloads section of our support site contains many useful resources for this product. You can download a complete running Visual Studio project that automatically reads the temperatures from the database and outputs them to a text log.

Left: Installing Microsoft's SQL Server Management Studio allows IT Professionals to query the raw temperature logs instantly. Right: Temperature@lert’s support site offers downloads contains many useful resources including a complete running Visual Studio project that automatically reads the temperatures from the database and outputs them to a text log

The USB Edition can be readily integrated into Enterprise applications.  Below are two screenshots showing tools that are ready to use for integration into company websites, etc.  Users can run custom PowerShell scripts.  The device operates on Windows 2000, XP, 2003 Server, Vista, 7, and 2008 Server.  Contact Temperature@lert for Linux Drivers.  The USB Edition includes SNMP capability for integration into Enterprise systems.

Left: MS SQL CE log file for easy integration into company websites and other applications. Right: Configuration screen shows integrate with your existing systems via SNMP.

Our website offers scores of customer reviews describing how customers like and use the product.  Regarding integration, one customer notes, “Temperature@lert is our 24/7 guardian watching our CRAC units. Our implementation has saved us thousands of dollars in downtime all for a few hundred dollar investment. Iíve also build some additional support apps that read the T@ logs and import the information into a DB with a web front-end that allows facilities users and other IT users direct access to the temperature in any of our rooms over a website.” (Bryan J. McMullan, Infrastructure Mgr, Litigation Management, Inc.)

Not all IT Professionals have the time or need to customize their USB Edition, and for them the ease of installation, setup and use is very important.  For those with time and the need the USB Edition offers powerful tools for most purposes.   The final piece in this series will discuss a way to add low cost fault tolerant operation for the most critical applications.

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Written By:

Dave Ruede, Well-Versed Wordsmith

Dave Ruede, a dyed in the wool Connecticut Yankee, has been involved with high tech companies for the past three decades. His background in chemistry and experience in a multitude of industries such as industrial chemicals and systems, pulp and paper, semiconductor fabrication, data centers, and test and assembly facilities informs his work daily. Well-versed in sales, marketing, management, and business development, Dave brings real world experience to Temperature@lert. When not crafting new Temperature@lert projects, Dave enjoys spending time with his young granddaughter, who keeps him grounded to the simple joys in life. Such joys for this wordsmith include reading prize winning fiction and non-fiction. Although a Connecticut Yankee, living for a decade in coastal California’s not too hot, not too cold climate epitomizes Dave’s favorite temperature, 75°F.

Temperature@lert Dave Ruede

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