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Feb 12, 2016

An analysis on the global problem of antimicrobial resistance (AMR) reveals that the misuse of antibiotics that allows bacteria to become resistant can be solved in part by more use of vaccines and other compounds. The report finds that existing vaccines are not being used as much as they might be: globally, pneumococcal and rotavirus vaccines reach only 31 percent, and 18 percent, of children eligible for them. If pneumococcal vaccine were fully deployed, it says, the lives of 800,000 children younger than 5 could be saved every year—and in addition, 11.4 million days of antibiotic consumption, almost half the global usage for that disease, could be prevented.

A new study confirms that spending $1 on childhood vaccines in poor countries can save $44 in future savings. Doctors Without Borders says the global immunization system fails millions because of the cost of these life-saving vaccines. You can read our POV on this issue here.

The U.S. Department of Agriculture's Food Safety and Inspection Service announced on Feb. 4th that it has finalized standards to reduce salmonella and campylobacter in chicken and turkey, and is updating testing procedures. Based on scientific risk assessments, the FSIS estimates implementation of these rulings will prevent an average of 50,000 illnesses annually.

At least 12 groups are now working to develop a Zika vaccine and health authorities said on Monday they were working to ensure development proceeded as rapidly as possible. With no approved Zika vaccines or medicines and none even undergoing clinical studies, scientists and drugmakers are on the starting-block in fighting the mosquito-borne disease suspected of causing a spike in birth defects in Brazil.

Chipotle Mexican Grill closed its more than 2,000 restaurants for four hours on Monday to hold a “virtual” town hall meeting with its employees about steps it said it was taking to improve food safety and regain consumers’ trust. The Monday meeting with 50,000 employees included pep talks and directives from Chipotle’s C-Suite, including founder and co-CEO Steve Ells and co-CEO Monty Moran, according to the Associated Press and Fast Company, which had reporters at Chipotle meeting locations in New York City and San Francisco, respectively.

Marketing and ecommerce firm Econsultancy recently released an IoT report and infographic, providing an overview of the current state of the industry, with some very interesting facts. One of those facts? By 2020, the global economic value of IoT devices is predicted to reach $1.9 trillion, with annual sales expected to hit the $9 trillion mark.

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