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Feb 26, 2016

Less than 2 weeks ago, U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) announced plans to ask for $5.1 billion from President Barack Obama’s fiscal year 2017 budget; that’s 8 percent more than the previous fiscal year’s budget. President Obama’s FY 2017 Budget Request proposes additional resources that include an increase of $25.3 million of new budget authority to implement the FDA’s Food Safety Modernization Act (FSMA).

Having safe food means that restaurants need to start treating their workers better. Only about 10 percent of restaurant workers have paid sick leave and 60 percent have reported coming to work sick, risking spreading a bug to both colleagues and customers, according to research from the Restaurant Opportunities Centers United.

At the end of the month, African health and finance ministers will meet in Ethiopia for the Ministerial Conference on Immunization in Africa. Alongside technical experts and policymakers, their focus will be expanding access to vaccines, knowing 1 in 5 African children still don't receive all necessary immunizations. The three key ways to ending vaccine-preventable disease include: access, strong leadership, and sustainability.

A team of U.S. government disease detectives launched an eagerly anticipated research project in Brazil on Monday designed to determine whether the Zika virus is really causing a surge of serious birth defects. A 16-member team of epidemiologists from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention began training dozens of Brazilian counterparts in Joao Pessoa, Brazil, in preparation to begin work on Tuesday.

Forbes shared the first part of a four-part series titled “Investors Guide to the IoT”. The four articles will explore different topics related to IoT with the first piece focused on understanding the IoT ecosystem.

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